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Interactive infographic

Take your online presence to the next level with our customised interactive infographics. These offer visually appealing visualisations and allow users to navigate through the data and gain individual insights. Perfect for integration into any customer website, our interactive solutions ensure increased engagement, deeper insights and a modern web experience.


Our interactive infographics


Interactive infographic
with illustration

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our interactive infographics, enriched with detailed illustrations. Our stunning visual scenes offer viewers not just information, but an explorative, immersive experience. Each element is carefully illustrated to bring the content to life and pique curiosity. Discover the magic of combining art and interactivity.

Dynamic interactive infographic

Bring your data to life in real-time with our dynamic interactive infographics. They adapt automatically to current data sets and always provide up-to-date and relevant information. Embedding them into your website allows your users to stay up to date and gain insights into constantly changing data. Experience the perfect combination of design, interactivity and automated data updating.


Animated interactive infographic

Increase the appeal of your website or exhibition stand with our animated, interactive infographics. From vibrant street scenes to detailed production processes, our visualisations offer visitors an immersive experience. Not only are they visually eye-catching, they also encourage interaction and engagement. The ideal way to captivate your audience and make complex topics tangible.


Interactive infographic with CMS

Use the intuitive interface of Interactives Pro for your interactive infographics and maps. This user-friendly CMS allows you to control and customise your content yourself with little effort. Create stunning visuals while ensuring your content is always easy to use and up-to-date. Interactives Pro makes the creation of interactive infographics effortless and efficient.

What should you, as a customer, bear in mind when ordering an interactive infographic?

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