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Explainer film

An explainer video, also called an explanatory film, is a creative way of conveying complex information in a concise and visually appealing manner. The possibilities for design and animation are endless, allowing for a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing, and engaging final product.

Product name

Simple text and image animation

Aesthetic information can be created simply and affordably through text and image animations. Even static graphics can be transformed into beautiful animations with ease. This option is particularly useful when time is limited or the budget does not allow for more complex animation in the creation of explainer videos.

Complex cartoon animation

Frame-by-frame animation, as seen in classic cartoons, is considered the most advanced form of animation. Although it is a complex process, it allows animators to design every aspect of the animation in a unique way. As a result, the animation produced is of high quality and stands out from the conventional explainer films. Characters have more expressive features, diagrams come to life, and texts become rhythmic.

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