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Explainer video

With our team of experienced infographics and motion designers, INFOGRAFIK PRO visualises complicated issues in appealing explanatory videos. We take care of the entire dramaturgy - from the initial look and feel to the storyboard, music selection, soundtrack and voiceover to the output of the right formats. Present your information film on social media channels, websites and at events and get your message across with your explanatory film from INFOGRAFIK PRO.

Impressive explainer videos

How to create an explainer video

Our short explanatory film shows you a typical process of an explanatory video project.

Which explanatory video to order?

Explainer video

Laying technique, sketched style, 1-2 colours, low budget.

Longer texts are difficult to convey without visual support, especially in advertising. Our explanatory video agency creates clear and appealing explanatory videos using the classic laying technique to ensure that information is conveyed quickly and clearly.

Semi-animated explanatory video

Limited animation, individual style, still low budget.

If you want to save your budget but don't want to do without individuality, our infographics and motion designers will develop a customised graphic style for you. A partial animation of the most important keyframes can be used to produce appealing explanatory films that ensure viral content on social media channels and present your products in a self-explanatory way at trade fairs.


Fully animated explainer video

Full animation, individual style, intermediate budget.

Internet start-ups, political organisations or product marketers: the explainer video is no longer a medium for children's programmes but the fine art of explaining complex issues in an elegant way and in a short space of time. We work with you to clarify the look and dramaturgy of the film and then develop it down to the last detail. On request, we can provide customised soundtracks, your own sound logos and voice actors familiar from radio and television


3D explainer video &
3D animation

3D animation with 2D elements, individual style.

With 3D, there are no dramaturgical limits: Based on a joint concept and storyboard, our specialists will create your customised explanatory video with impressive tracking shots, realistic 3D renderings and everything important for aesthetics and entertainment. Let us create your 3D animation, and we will get to the heart of your topics and show your company in a new dimension.

What should you, as a customer, consider when ordering an explainer video?

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