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Explanatory graphics

In today's world, people tend to process information better when it is presented in the form of images and graphics. It can be challenging to communicate longer texts without visual aids, particularly in business and advertising settings. Infographics provide an attractive and effective way to initiate an engaging, informative, and meaningful conversation about a particular topic. Therefore, they are ideal for double pages, posters, and social media platforms.

Press graphics

Infographics are powerful tools for corporate communication and can be used as press graphics to present data and facts in a visually appealing way. They condense information into easy-to-understand visual formats, increase reader interest, and support the storytelling aspects of news articles. By using charts, maps, and illustrations, they allow you to get to the heart of a press release more quickly. Infographics are crucial for modern press work as they improve readability and contribute to a deeper understanding of current topics.

Explanatory graphics for internal communication

Companies often encounter the challenge of communicating intricate content or challenging changes to their employees. This can include digital transformation, change processes, or new corporate strategies. To address this issue, infographics can be used to create visual representations of concepts that do not exist in the physical world or enhance comprehension of abstract relationships.

Graphics for social media

Social media has its own rules! And these rules must also be taken into account when using infographics. Therefore, as an infographic agency, we offer graphics optimized specifically for the social media space. The focus is on quickly absorbing information and teasing a topic. We also often create simplified versions of larger layouts for social media posts.

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