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Infographic Pro not only operates as an infographics agency but also supports its customers in building portals and complex websites. Websites are often created in combination with infographic content, resulting in a convincing aesthetic and concept.

Micro site

Micro-sites provide targeted, focused content specifically tailored to a specific topic or campaign. They enable clear, brand-specific communication and increase user engagement through their specialized and often creative design. Micro-sites are ideal for marketing campaigns, product launches, or events, enabling intensive interaction with the target audience. They are also optimal for SEO and make performance monitoring and data analysis easier due to their limited size and specific targeting.


Gamification is the practice of incorporating game-like elements into non-game situations to boost engagement and motivation. Adding features such as points, awards, leaderboards, and challenges creates a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere that encourages interaction. This technique enhances learning experiences, increases productivity in companies, and fosters customer loyalty. Gamification has the ability to simplify complex tasks, promote innovation and creativity, and produce measurable results by improving user behavior and increasing interaction.asurable results by improving user behavior and increasing interaction.


Portals provide a way to connect various topics or micro-sites, allowing users to easily navigate through interconnected content. They enable large amounts of research and scientific data to be presented in an understandable way for decision-makers and politicians.

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