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3D graphics offer numerous advantages, especially when they are created by a professional infographics agency. For industrial companies, they are a powerful tool for visualising complex machines, systems or production processes. These three-dimensional visualisations make it possible to present details and functions that are difficult to grasp in 2D graphics in a clear and comprehensible way.
In the field of facility management, 3D graphics are particularly useful for visualising building structures, room layouts and maintenance areas. They offer a realistic representation of spatial conditions and thus facilitate the planning and management of buildings and facilities.

Photorealistic 3D graphics

Photorealistic 3D graphics are an effective means of visualising risky processes and communicating occupational safety rules. They enable a detailed and lifelike visualisation of construction site scenarios, for example, allowing employees to better recognise and understand potential hazards and correct safety measures.

Advanced 3D graphics

As an infographics agency, 3D graphics allow us to depict even the most complex structures, such as industrial plants or machines, down to the last detail. As a further application, the models created for this purpose can also be used for animations.

3D maps and data visualisation

3D technology can be incredibly useful for creating visual representations of maps and data. For instance, if an infographic needs to display data on a map, a 3D model can accurately accomplish this. Furthermore, as an infographics agency, we often employ renderings for other types of data visualizations.

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