Interactive map for Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Explainer video "The new CO2-Price"

A safe landing in 2021!

Infographics for DERA

Explainer video „KNAPPSCHAFT Wahltarif“

Infographics for IQWiG

Infographic agency


As the design agency for high-quality infographics, INFOGRAFIK PRO produces content for newspapers, magazines, mailings and advertising campaigns. Our experienced designers and illustrators use 2D and 3D graphics in order to animate and program all manner of data visualization and visual storytelling.

Infographics for Print


Infographics increase the attention for the topic, clarify contexts at a single glance and make big pictures out of small numbers – ideal as cover artwork and for double-page spreads.

Interactive Infographics

Interactive Infographics

Bring your data to life, e.g. with programmed filters or interactive components and post impressive images on social media channels: No problem with visual storytelling.

Animated Infographics

Explaining Videos & 3D Animation

Fantasy need know no bounds: Explain products and factual connections in both picture and audio. With voice-overs, music and fantastic animations. And for customers that will love your company.


2D/3D Visualization

Due to the fact that target groups are becoming increasingly global in their make-up, the need for non-language based information transfer and dissemination is becoming increasingly necessary – this is particularly the case for products which need explanation, warnings, spatial navigation, complex content or in complex and unclear situations. Our infographics agency creates strong, clear and attractive visualizations, 2D and 3D-infographics in order to ensure fast and clear information transfer and dissemination.

Visual Storytelling & SEO Infographics

The modern way of taking-in information is strongly influenced by pictures and image-based representations. The information contained in longer passages of text can be very difficult to transfer and disseminate, particularly in business/promotional environments, without the support of graphical elements. Infodesign, even more so, offers an elegant and attention-grabbing way in which to provoke a captivating, entertaining and yet content-based interaction and analysis of a subject-matter. This unique combination of factors means that it is the ideal product for double-page spreads, posters and social media.

Explanatory Videos & 3D Animation

Internet startups, political organizations or product marketers: The information video is no longer a medium for children's television, and has instead become an elegant art form used to explain complex content within a short period of time. Fantasy need know no visual bounds and different types of design and animation can be combined to create a complete aesthetic and entertaining corporate video.

Business reports and data visualization

Our classic infodesign products include, for example, pie charts, flow charts, process graphics, organigrams and structure plans, that are published and included in news reports, business reports, press graphics, print and digital media. In addition to order-related data organization, processing and visualization, we also develop attractive design specifications for data visualization in addition to digital specifications as a sub-discipline of corporate design.



Good work is always also
a result of good communication

Experience has shown: Optimal project results and a good exchange of ideas can be ensured with just a few stations in an infographics project. It is for this reason that, together with our designers and project managers, we have structured our project processes in such a way as to ensure we always provide our clients with the exact and highly-efficient results required for the respective situation to make the correct decisions on relevant questions. This not only makes us faster but also more efficient, and we can offer our services at even more competitive prices.

Infographic project


Infographic "Cyber security 2!"

America's economic prosperity in 21st Centure will depend on cyber security.

Storyboard, Animation: Marco Bagni, Infographic Agency INFOGRAFIK PRO GmbH

Interactive Map

On behalf of a Swiss bank and in cooperation with the environmental consultants ECOFACT and the GOLDLAND agency, we created an interactive world map of environmental and social risks. This software tool allows regions to be examined for various thematic sectors. The easily comprehensible map and icon representation make it possible to quickly elaborate estimations with respect to regional circumstances and then expand on them with detailed information from the central data bank.

3D product video for Consel Group AG - "Mobile bollard lock"

(c) Consel Group AG -


An interactive dynamic application for visualisation of results of the International survey of researchers of antimicrobial resistance.

The survey is part of the joint project "Rational Use of Antibiotics through Information and Communication" (RAI). The project was coordinated by Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research.

You can find a prototype of this application under this link.
Interaktive infografik

Infographic Presentation ZEB

Infographic presentation

As a result of a very pleasant collaboration with the recruiting department of ZEB AG, seven infographic pages explaining the application process at ZEB appeared for a presentation.

You can get more about this Infographic presentation.

An interactive infographic with an innovative admin interface for Digital in NRW e-learning platform. The aim was to concept and design an abstract interactive marmalade production factory to be used for the e-learning courses explaining the digitalisation processes of SME. As a result the INFOGRAFIK PRO team produced an interactive application, two explaining videos and cut-out paper model of the factory for process modelling on face to face workshops.

Hier finden Sie die
interaktive Infografik



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