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Small islands of great importance




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Infografik Pro explains the conflict over territorial areas of the sea
Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. The infographic agency INFOGRAFIK PRO GmbH takes on a seemingly unknown topic and visualizes facts and backgrounds of (strategically) important islands worldwide. Crimea, Spratly, Hans, Kuriles, or the island of Cyprus - the list of territorial areas affected by conflicts and wars is long.

Islands are considered important strategic elements in the world's oceans and are a constant cause of conflicts and wars. They are natural barriers, supply ports, military bases, raw material suppliers, prestige objects or simply boulders that are too close to the mainland of the two countries. These conflicts often go back decades or even centuries, but they have lost none of their relevance. Overall, 50% of territorial conflicts worldwide are based on an island.

With this background, INFOGRAFIK PRO designed an explanatory graphic of the most important ongoing conflicts. In addition, this topic has hardly been covered in the media to date.

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