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Hypoport's series of explanatory films by INFOGRAFIK PRO

29. Dez. 2022

Communicate corporate principles effectively to employees with a series of explanatory films

With around 2,500 employees, the Hypoport Group is a network of technology companies for the credit, real estate and insurance industries. But how do you convey common values and principles to this group? How do you address the employees of the various companies as a whole? This was the challenge faced by corporate development at Hypoport. In response to these questions, INFOGRAFIK PRO was commissioned to design and produce seven explanatory films. These take employees on a journey to the principles of Hyporport. A whole universe of ideas was developed - different worlds in which recurring protagonists experience adventures and thus make the principles tangible. "We merged influences from literature - e.g. the 'Little Prince' - but also film genres such as adventure films or historical films to develop our own Hypoport star system. It was refreshing how much freedom Hypoport gave us in designing the films," says Jonas Evertz, Senior Designer at INFOGAFIK PRO. The result is a very entertaining series of 7 short films that bring together a wide range of topics in a coherent and consistent manner and present them to the audience.

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