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Foundation of Infografik Pro GmbH

4. März 2014

Complex content, clearly communicated

Communication and advertising are now content-driven and the demand for high-quality infographics is constantly increasing. In order to be able to serve customers from the real estate, financial services and association sectors in a targeted manner, especially when it comes to complex digital products, GOLDLAND founded the agency INFOGRAFIK PRO GmbH at the beginning of the year. The result is not only a new agency, but also a new agency concept.

"As an experienced buyer of infographics, we know what customers want - we have been clients ourselves over the last few years. And of course there is a lot that can be done better here, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction when placing an order and the project process - too many lone wolves have very different ideas here," says Malte Nisch, Managing Director of GOLDLAND.

In the future, Infografik Pro customers will be able to kill two birds with one stone: On the one hand, they will have access to a pool of selected specialists in the infographics industry who can be activated depending on the project - animators, 3D artists, FX specialists, illustrators or 2D graphic designers. On the other hand, with Infografik Pro they will be commissioning a sophisticated and experienced agency that offers these services under one roof, with experienced consultants and structured and process-oriented quality management.

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