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"What factors should you take into account when commissioning an infographic?"


When commissioning an infographic, there are a few points you should bear in mind as a customer to ensure that the end result meets your expectations:

1. Audience and purpose

Before you start, identify your target group and the infographic's purpose. This question also includes the language(s) in which the graphic should be created. These factors have a significant influence on the design and content of the infographic.


2. Integration into the marketing strategy

For maximum benefit, consider how the infographic can be integrated into your overall marketing strategy.


3. The briefing prepared correctly 

Ensure the content is precise, factually correct, prioritized and easy to understand. Consider the key messages you want to convey and ensure that the data and information come from reliable and credible sources.


4. Visual style

The visual style of the graphics should match the subject matter and brand identity. A professional agency will discuss possible styles and colour schemes with you to ensure a harmonious and appealing design.


5. Format and size 

It is important to consider the amount of content, intended use, and the medium in which an infographic will be published to determine the appropriate size and format. A reliable agency can offer guidance on these aspects. When presenting complex processes or products, it can be challenging to include all necessary information. In such cases, a poster or interactive infographic may be more suitable. Additionally, you can create a teaser graphic that acts as an appetizer to pique the interest of the target audience. For more information on this topic, please visit


6. Realistic schedule and budget

Define a realistic budget and timeframe for the project and discuss these aspects openly with the service provider. 

Creating a complex infographic is a thorough process that needs to be carefully planned to ensure a high-quality end product. Depending on the scope, this process can take several weeks, especially if several revisions are required.  

You can read more about the process of a project here: /Process flow


7. Copyright aspects 

Graphic elements and illustrations are created individually for you in a professional agency. However, if the service provider uses third-party materials, ensure they are not protected by copyright or the necessary rights for use are available. 


8. Be aware of the right of use

When commissioning an infographic, it is essential to clearly define which rights of use you are entitled to after the order has been fulfilled. This can vary from restricted rights, where use is limited to certain media or a certain period of time, to unrestricted rights, where you can use the infographic as you wish. Clarify these questions before the graphic is commissioned.


9. Pay attention to the right of use  

If you obtain several quotes from different service providers, you should also compare the different styles and approaches of the providers. Pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality of previous work, the experience and reliability of the service provider, as well as the services and usage rights included in the offer. By obtaining comparative quotes, you can make a more informed decision and possibly find a provider that better suits your needs and budget. 

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10. Interaction with the agency

Maintain open and constructive communication with the agency creating the infographic. Clear feedback loops and regular coordination are essential for the project's success.

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